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The Importance of Surface Preparation

Why is surface preparation needed? Concrete surfaces are prepared before laying down a topcoat not only for superficial reasons but also for mechanical reasons.  Construction work requires surface preparation prior to installing floor coating in industrial and commercial applications in order to create long-lasting hold and durability.  The texture of the existing concrete is an important consideration […] Read More »

Concrete Services: Epoxy Injection

When concrete cracks a typical remedy is an epoxy injection. Most concrete services companies would recommend the treatment, but not all epoxies can be used for injection. The ones referred to here are the high-performance epoxies that are intended for structural concrete bonding and crack repair. An example of an appropriate epoxy injection application is the mending […] Read More »

Foundation Waterproofing: Important for Your Property

The foundation of a property must be kept as dry as possible. When moisture content is high, cracks, mildew, wet basements, and rot are the result and this can mean significant damage to the foundation, ultimately affecting the well-being of the rest of the structure.  There are various different foundation waterproofing options that can be implemented in […] Read More »

Concrete Services Update: Carbon Footprint and Concrete

Have you ever come across the term “carbon footprint” and wondered what it’s all about?  As part of our concrete services update, we delve deeper into the issue of the carbon footprint and it’s connection to concrete. Las Gaviotas, a research facility located in Colombia, gives a simple definition of “carbon footprint”.  The term refers to the […] Read More »

Industrial Flooring : About Resin Floors

Why Use Resin for Industrial Flooring? Industrial flooring methods focus on delivering results that are robust and reliable to sustain heavy traffic and load. This is important for warehouses and loading areas that need floors that will not crack and will uphold the safety of men and equipment. Resin flooring installation provides a lot of benefits […] Read More »

Contractor Updates: ADA Requirements Changes for 2012

A tenant improvement contractor as well as their clients should know that in 2012 the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will have changes. Affected locations are restaurants, hotels, hospitals, stores, factories and warehouses. This update was made by Rocky Mountain ADA Center, which is one of the 10 regional centers funded by the National Institute on Disability […] Read More »

Concrete Services Tips – Never Take Cracks For Granted

Concrete Services Offer A Solution If you are living in a concrete jungle then it’s certain that you have noticed cracks on concrete walls or steps. Cracks are common, and unfortunately property managers don’t seem to take those cracks seriously.  Concrete services providers cannot emphasize enough that this is an indication of a structural problem and should be […] Read More »

Selection and Design Factors in Industrial Flooring

When selecting the type of industrial flooring that best suits your needs, the first step is to determine the different stresses and deterioration that will be acting on your floor.  This is measured in the following categories: mechanical, physical, chemical, biological, and electrical.  Industrial flooring mechanical stresses to consider are abrasion, erosion, impact, and vibration, while physical stresses […] Read More »

Industrial Flooring – Specifications for Military Projects

Military bases undergo rigorous wear and require a number of  industrial flooring systems with various attributes to meet the demands of different circumstances in this sector.  Waterproof coatings, chemical resistant coatings, antibacterial coatings, and ultra-durable traffic coatings are a few of the systems that can be provided for the diverse zones of the base environment. Examples […] Read More »

Industrial Flooring for the Food Industry

Specifications Industrial flooring for food manufacturing facilities must adhere to detailed specifications to ensure the health and safety of consumers and laborers.  The United States has standards set forth by the USDA that cover concrete quality, porosity, material surface and much more, to ensure cleanliness and purity in situations where flooring is subject to food byproducts […] Read More »

Which Warehouse Floor Coating Do You Need?

Warehouses have a lot of different uses, but typically they are high-traffic areas with heavy machinery and heavy product being stored on the floors.  It is not unusual for the floor to get soiled by oil spills or other greasy lubricants from machines or forklifts.  Uncoated floors are difficult to clean and even more difficult […] Read More »

Methods Used in Industrial Flooring Surface Preparation

There are different types of floor surface preparation that concrete service contractors use to start any project.  For the flooring installation to be successful the contractor must have experience in carrying out the proper flooring preparation process. Each method has specialized equipment and requires specific techniques. The floor surface preparation process is a vital step in laying down industrial […] Read More »

Concrete Services – Advantages of Using Polyurethane Concrete Leveling

Why is utilizing high-density polyurethane in concrete leveling more popular than the leveling or lifting methods that some concrete services use? Below are the advantages of the polyurethane method used today in concrete leveling: Cheaper than other methods Since the concrete does not have to be removed or replaced, this is 75% cheaper. The cost of removing and […] Read More »

Waterproofing Deck Systems

After waterproofing your deck with a urethane rubber decking system, you will notice that visitors take a second look at the area. The finish and neatness of the deck easily attracts attention.  What viewers may not be aware of is that the aesthetics of the deck are secondary to why the deck has undergone waterproofing. Protection is […] Read More »

When to Choose Urethane Concrete Floor Coating

Choosing the right concrete protective coating is important especially when the floor is subjected to high-traffic, abrasive chemicals, constant cleaning, and varied temperature conditions.  Industries such as food processing and preparation have a wide variety of needs that must be met when it comes to floor coatings.  What the floor needs is a heavy duty, corrosion resistant, […] Read More »

Concrete Services – If You See Cracks, Start Worrying About Structural Integrity

You notice cracks in your floor and pay no mind to them. But beware, because this may be an indication of serious structural deficiencies.  Some cracks may have vital consequences.  Unless you are a professional in concrete services, you may not be able to tell the difference between which ones need immediate attention and which are […] Read More »

Floor Coating is Aesthetic and Protective

The floor is one of the most noticeable features upon entering a building. This part of your restaurant, retail store, office, or even warehouse can make a lasting impression on visitors. No matter the location, when the floor is polished and shiny, it looks very neat and sophisticated. An unfinished floor looks unmaintained, uninviting, often […] Read More »

Signing a Contract with a Contractor

The most important document in undertaking design-build or tenant-improvement projects is the contract. Why is it so important? The first reason is obviously a matter of legal safeguard for everyone involved, but furthermore, a written agreement is a means everyone concerned is on the same page. With this document both parties know exactly what is to […] Read More »

Researchers Discover How Flooring Can Affect Consumer Purchase Decisions

Some decisions are easy while others are difficult to make. Have you wondered how the differences between hard tile or carpet can influence a decision? An interesting result of a survey made by Professor Joan Meyers-Levy of the Marketing department at University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Management, and author of the well-known study on […] Read More »

Hiring a Tenant Improvement Contractor

A tenant improvement project is a tedious job: you have to find the right contractor to handle the many moving pieces and do a good job at the right price. The tasks in tenant improvement can be daunting.  You have to hire an interior designer, possibly an architect and apply for permits for structural changes.  You have […] Read More »

The Importance of Basement Waterproofing

Results of Inferior Basement Waterproofing If you have inferior waterproofing your basement will be continuously damp which can lead to potential structural rot and insect infestation. There are basic methods that can be applied to keep gutter water from entering the basement. Be aware that some leaks are caused by water on the floor surface and some are […] Read More »

Concrete Services : Repair Can Save You $$$

Concrete Services, when properly done, can save you significant dollars over removing and replacing existing concrete problems.  Calling Champion Coatings for concrete repair on surfaces and cracks can offset exorbitant long-term costs.  Commercial and Industrial properties have many affordable and high-end options available to them, and Champion Coatings has years of experience salvaging even the […] Read More »

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