There has been untold praise for both the product and your installation procedure, and to this day the floor still looks like the day it was installed, with minimal custodial maintenance. At this time I would like to recognize you by extending our thanks and appreciation for the many excellent services you have performed for SDUSD over the years. You have always provided cutting edge technology solutions, unparalleled quality of services and demonstrated the highest level of professionalism and ethics in your dealings with PPO personnel and sites’ staff.

San Diego Unified School District

The past 15 years working with Champion Coatings has been and continues to be a ‘value added’ experience. Champion Coatings maintains high-quality standards of work and is very knowledgeable regarding industry methods and trends while exhibiting sound business practices. Their reliable traits include professional and neat appearance, trained courteous crews, safe and clean job sites, good communication skills, staying on project schedule, as well as fair and reasonable contract modification negotiations.

MCCS, Marine Corps Air Station

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